Ecosystem Value

Quickly expand into hard-to-reach communities

Value added everywhere

We've designed our system to scale quickly via local property managers and provide unique ecosytem value-add, including:

Access to Untapped Markets

Tap rental unit electric water heaters which are not usually targeted for utilty scale projects.

New Revenue Sources

Property managers get monthly financial incentives for the use of their water heaters.

Leak Detection

We can detect some leaks with our algorithms...before they become expensive problems.

Maintence Detection

Our system can detect some underlying heater maintenence needs...before a heater fails.

Acheive Hard-to-Reach Ratepayer Goals

Expanding into rental communities often engages some of the hardest-to-reach ratepayers.

Automated Vacant Unit Shutdown

Our system detects potential vacant units and can automatically shut heaters down saving energy costs.

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DR Solutions

Stack multiple Demand Response solutions simultaneously.

Our Technology

Patent pending system is completely off tank for low-cost, rapid scalability.


Deployed and operating hundreds of systems for utility clients.