Grid Maestro® Perfectly balances grid and participant needs

Our control system built on years of operating experience

Water heaters are thermal batteries. You can heat the water for use later by the participating home or business. Our software leverage machine learning to maximize when we can heat water to both provide adequate hot water and maximize demand response capacity. Our hardware controller uniquely mounts near the water heater with absolutely no control systems or sensors mounted on the water heater. We use our patent-pending off-tank technology to estimate water temperature to optimize this balance between hot water availability and grid service capacity.

We developed our "off-tank" solution after installing hundreds of systems with tank-mounted controls and sensors. We learned the hard way that tank-mounted systems required ongoing maintenance which became a costly operating expense and lowered participant satisfaction. No matter what was wrong with the water heater when it stopped working, we got called in to troubleshoot. The bulk of the issues were not connected to DR control systems but it was nearly impossible to determine the problems without rolling a truck and technician, mostly on weekends and nights, to troubleshoot.

Explore the features that make our solution to retrofit water heaters already installed on grids worldwide into cost-effective, massively scalable demand response assets.

Off-Tank Mounted, Low Maintenence

Our patent pending technology uniquely mounts near a water heater reducing the need for maintenence calls.

Continous Machine Learning

Our machine learning platform constantly learns water usage patterns to maximize grid service capacity without increasing participant's water heater energy usage.

Low Cost IoT Communications

Our system only uses 4 megabytes per tank and leverage built-in IoT communications hardware that is already working in over 100 contries.

Support for International Grid Standards

Our system automatically scales for any gird operating between 50 and 60 hertz and 110 to 250 volts.

Failsafe Normally Closed Relay

Wired normally closed means if a controller fails the underlying water heater reverts to a normal water heater.

12 Cycle Local Response Time

Heaters locally measure frequency and voltage constantly and can turn the heater on or off within 12 cycles to meet grid stabilty requirements.

World Standard IoT Platform

We built our controller on the Particle.Io platform, the world's leading IoT controller with over 140,000 deveopers on the platform.

Worldclass Cyber Security

We leverage the underlying cybersecurity already built-in to Particle.Io for best in class secure operations.

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DR Solutions

Stack multiple Demand Response solutions simultaneously.

Ecosystem Value

Our systems provide unique value to owners and users of participanting water heaters.


Deployed and operating hundreds of systems for utility clients.