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Shifted creates grid-edge power plants through analyzing and dispatching thousands of assets. We also provide value through energy savings, proactive maintenance reporting, and affordable, sustainable energy solutions. We serve utilities, aggregators and real estate companies with scalable solutions. Whether it’s cutting-edge demand response programs or widespread deployment of cost savings enabled through time of use programs, we’ve built our platform to address each client’s unique situation.

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Our Grid Maestro™ platform is our turnkey virtual power plant solution which can be operated as a standalone tool or integrated into any existing DERMs platform. We use machine learning to develop device-level profiles for each asset under management and optimize dispatch based on each users’ historical usage. This enables us to both maximize the value of each asset and create ideal experiences for the occupants.

Our suite of device solutions includes water heaters (our genesis), batteries, solar inverters, thermostats, pool pumps, EV chargers, and whole home meters. We can provide services anywhere from aggregated multiple of various devices through our Grid Maestro to background analytics for whole-home solutions in order to identify new opportunities. We can bring new units into the fleet through in-line splicing of older devices, connections via newer CTA-2045 ports, and direct API integration.

Load Flexibility

Dispatch resources like batteries, water heaters, and thermostats to maximize demand response, time of use, and more.

Renewables Integration

Balance increasingly complex load with demand-side management that can follow wind and solar output.

Stacked Grid Services

Load build, load reduction, locally-triggered under-frequency response, and emergency response.


Machine learning informs more accurate forecasting. Verified by leading national labs including EPRI and NREL.

Integrated M&V

Customizable reporting simplifies performance measurement and verification.

Scalable Distributed Assets

Scale programs in underserved communities and multifamily settings across multiple asset classes.

Resident Value

Resident value from energy efficiency, energy savings from load shifting, and maintenance alerts.

Maintenance Insights

Proactive maintenance through machine learning including underperformance, broken parts, leaks, and inefficiencies.

Communications Agnostic

Support any communications platform including cellular, WiFi, LoRaWan, smart meters, and standards like CTA-2045.

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About Shifted Energy

Shifted Energy was created to enable widespread access to energy solutions. When Hawaii set the first 100% clean energy mandate in the US, Shifted’s co-founder Olin Lagon sat on the governing board. During board discussions, Olin realized that many of the proposed ideas would be inaccessible to renters and low-income residents. Shifted was formed to create scalable solutions for these communities, beginning with a low-cost control service for an asset which can be found in every home: water heaters. Shifted has since expanded its analytical and control capabilities to cover a growing pool of assets and services while maintaining a consistent focus: enabling everyone to participate in the energy transition.


Alexandra Behringer
Senior Director, Program Delivery
Evan Castro
Director of Project Delivery
Forest Frizzell
CEO / Co-founder

Khaled Ghamgui
Cloud Architect
Jennifer Ignacio
Vice President, Operations
Olin Lagon
CTO / Co-founder

Kahael Lange
Software Engineer
Justin Miller
Principal Engineer
Matthew Motoki
Chief Data Scientist

Chris Murphy
Seiichi Nagai
Vice President, Engineering
Nicole Rodriguez
Director, Residential / Commercial Programs

Matt Rogers
Mechanical / Software Engineer

Board & Advisors

Andy Karetsky
Board Member
Donavan Kealoha
Board Member
Rich Barone
Board Member

Matthew Hunt
Allison Myers
Elta Kolo

Joe Van den Berg

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