Water Heater Controls & Software

Shifted Energy's off-tank controller retrofits onto any electric water heater. We've combined advanced machine learning, dedicated cellular communications, and world-class cybersecurity to provide utilities and distributed energy providers a path to rapidly deploy and easily manage thousands of demand response and thermal energy storage assets.

Advanced Machine Learning

Maximize grid service capacity without impacting customer access to hot water.

Cellular IoT Communications

Integrated 3G and LTE for automated commissioning and hassle-free communication in 100+ countries.

Multiple Value Streams

Peak load reduction, renewable energy storage, demand response, fast frequency response and more.

Shifted Energy’s technology enables utilities to stabilize the grid, accelerate renewable energy integration, and engage customers in innovative demand side management programs.

Who We Help

We help utilities and distributed energy aggregators create and rapidly scale demand response and thermal energy storage programs. Simultaneously, we empower building managers and residents with the opportunity to support clean energy in their communities.


Maximum DR capacity & Happy customers

Our technology and program experts work closely with your team to scope pilots, launch programs, and scale grid-interactive water heating across your territory.

Third-Party Aggregators

Third-Party Aggregators

Incremental, low-cost capacity

While installing solar, storage, EVSE, or smart thermostats in homes with electric water heating, you can easily include low-cost thermal energy storage.

Building Owners & Managers

Building Owners & Managers

improved maintenance & Lower costs

Real-time monitoring for leak detection, automatic maintenance alerts, online ticketing system, and water heater shut-off in unoccupied units for energy savings.

Residents are our primary customers

In making your water heater smart, our first priority is ensuring you always have hot water when you need it. Period. Secondly, we operate your hot water heater so it helps your electric grid function cleaner and more efficiently. This earns you credit on your electric bill - saving you money and helping your community!


Maggie M.

  • "I am excited to participate in HECO's water heater program and help my island community become more sustainable with clean energy."
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James C.

  • "My wife and I were skeptical at first, but our bills are lower because of the utility program credits and we don't notice any difference in our hot water. It's a win-win!"
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