How does the free smart controller work?

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The Shifted Energy smart controller is a state-of-the-art smart timer that’s attached to the wall near your standard water heater or non variable speed pool pump. A short 20-minute installation equips these appliances with intelligent controls, allowing them to communicate and interact with the grid making it a grid-interactive appliance. For example, once connected to a water heater, the smart controller adapts to your household’s hot water usage, so it can ensure your comfort by pre-heating water before a shutdown event. The Shifted Energy controller allows for some heating during a scheduled shutdown in case you deplete your tank.
The smart controller allows Hawaiian Electric to use renewable energy from the sun and wind to power your water heater or pool pump. For water heaters, the water remains hot in the tank and can be used later without using more electricity during peak demand hours. This helps integrate more renewable energy and reduce Hawaii’s reliance on imported fossil fuels.