Shifted Energy makes Australian hot water heaters smarter

October 21, 2022

When Wattwatchers launched MyEnergy, our mobile app for home energy management, we had a vision for doing a lot more than the traditional bar and pie charts commonly used to visualise data for customers. 

Now we’re upgrading to MyEnergy Flow, our forthcoming 2.0 release, which is designed to host an expanding suite of customer-facing insights, offers, alerts and actions.

The ‘Flow’ enhancements will start with a focus on electric-powered hot water systems, with fault alerts and maintenance reports addressing failures in top and bottom heating elements, and also major and minor water leaks.

Faults like these can be hard to detect for householders and facilities managers, often being out of sight and out of mind, but drive up power consumption, bills and greenhouse gas emissions.

These ‘hot water insights’ currently are scheduled for December 2022, which will be followed by further releases early in 2023 to help customers optimise their hot water in terms of efficiency, power costs and emissions.

Over time, additional features will include remote control of the hot water system (on/off), data-driven coordination with on-site solar generation, and a ‘vacation mode’ based on the savings potential revealed by the energy data.

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