Shifted's Data Scientist Matthew Motoki Placed Second in CityLearn Challenge

January 01, 2023

Matthew Motoki took second place in CityLearn Challenge 2022, Using AI for Building Energy Management. Over 600 data science competitors from over 50 countries participated.

Buildings are responsible for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, buildings are taking a more active role in the power system by providing benefits to the electrical grid. As such, buildings are an unexplored opportunity to address climate change. Energy storage devices such as home batteries can reduce peak loads of the grid by shifting the energy use of buildings to different times. Solar photovoltaic generation can reduce the overall demand to the grid while also reducing emissions. However, all these resources must be carefully managed simultaneously in many buildings to unlock the full energy potential and reduce homeowners' costs.

The CityLearn Challenge 2022 focused on the opportunity brought on by home battery storage devices and photovoltaics. It leverages CityLearn, a Gym Environment, for building distributed energy resource management and demand response. The challenge utilizes 1 year of operational electricity demand and PV generation data from 17 single-family buildings in the Sierra Crest home development in Fontana, California, that were studied for Grid integration of zero net energy communities.

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